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"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with JC Lara as my sound engineer on many projects.  What an incredible talent JC is. His knowledge as an engineer is outstanding. He has the uncanny ability to enhance any ensembles' performance regardless of how dead the room is. His work ethic is exemplary. Our big productions at Shepherd Church with a full professional orchestra and 80 voice choir were amazing because of JC's expertise and collaborative skills with the shepherd team.  I would not even consider doing these massive events without JC Lara. Thank you JC for all of the great shows we have had the opportunity to produce together.  You are an incredible blessing!"

Galen Clark, DMA

Heritage Christian School

December 2015-Present

“JC is an excellent engineer and sound man.  I believe his abilities are unique due to the fact that he is a musician, so he understands the experience on both sides and it is because of this this I recommend him.”

Louie Cruz Beltran, Bandleader-Entertainer

"It is with great pleasure to have been able to work with Juan Carlos Lara for more than 20 years now. Juan is a true professional in every sense of the word and has an extraordinary personality that helps him succeed in any project he decides to work on. When it comes to sound, lights, stage production, and much more he is one of the most prepared and experienced sound engineers I have worked with. If you are a serious musician who values professionalism and ability, look no further than my friend Juan Carlos Lara."

Gino Gamboa, Latin Grammy Award Winner

"I have had the immense pleasure of working with Juan Carlos Lara in various productions for more than 17 years. JC is very professional behind not only the sound consoles, but also the lights, music, and stages. He truly understands the responsibility that is required in a production or event. As a musician, JC gives all of us confidence in our sound engineer due to his great experience and ability to conduct an event of any magnitude."

Alonso Brito, E.P.

"Thank you my friend for always being there for us with your professionalism."


Ino Alvarez, 3x Grammy Percussionist

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